The Theory Group at the Department of Astronomy at the University fo Concepcion proudly invites you to

MODEST 15 - Modelling and Observing Dense Stellar Systems in Chile

Concepcion, 2nd to 6th of March 2015


Scientific Rationale

The Theory Group at the Departamento de Astronomia at the Universidad de Concepcion would like to invite you to MODEST 15, in Concepcion, Chile at the 2nd - 6th of March 2015.

This is the 15. meeting of the MODEST community, which includes groups, all over the world, working in stellar dynamics, stellar evolution, stellar hydrodynamics and the observations of dense stellar systems. These systems range from small star clusters, globular clusters, dwarf galaxies to the central areas of large galaxies. The aim is to provide a comprehensive software framework for large-scale simulations of dense stellar systems, within which existing codes for dynamics, stellar evolution, and hydrodynamics can be easily coupled and compared to reality.

The study of dense stellar systems has constantly been an active area of research. Such systems, which mainly refer to young massive star clusters, globular clusters, dwarf galaxies, and galactic centers play a crucial role in understanding the structures of the Universe. Dense systems of stars present enough challenges to basically all schools in astronomy and in all wavelengths and all areas of theory.

For the first time in the MODEST history, this workshop will be helt in Chile. Chile is country best known in astronomy for its clear skies and many of the largest telescopes in the world. What is mainly unknown to the rest of the world is that the government of Chile declared astronomy as one of the key sciences of the country. The astronomical community in Chile is constantly growing. A lot of observational groups in Chile are working in the field of star clusters. We think that this makes Chile an ideal place to host the MODEST conference as, in recent years, the acronym changed inoffcially from "Modelling dense stellar systems" into "Modelling and observing dense stellar systems". But Chilean astronomy also encompasses theoretical astronomy. All mayor universities have now astronomy departments and at least one or more senior scientist is working in theory.

Scientific Organising Committee

(in alphabetical order):

Paulina Assmann (Santiago, Chile, co-chair)
Michael Fellhauer (Concepcion, Chile, chair)
Douglas Geisler (Concepcion, Chile)
Douglas Heggie (Edinburgh, UK)
Pavel Kroupa (Bonn, Germany)
Steven McMillan (Philadelphia, USA)
Steffen Mieske (Santiago, Chile)
Simon Portegies-Zwart (Leiden, NL)
Rainer Spurzem (Beijing, China)

Local Organising Committee:

(in alphabetical order)

Paulina Assmann
Graeme Candlish
Nelvy Choque
Joerg Dabringhausen
Raul Dominguez
Juan Pablo Farias
Michael Fellhauer
Huang Jiasheng
Rodrigo Vejar
Wang Zhong


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